Hey my name is Chris Woe, I am a Photographer and recently graduated Graphic Designer based in South West Sydney. I currently work as a freelance photographer shooting mostly portraits, events and real estate

In 2013 after working in the Welfare sector for almost a decade I decided to start utilising my photography skills and have since shot for a wide variety of artists, musicians, local councils, small business and media providing them with professional images for their various marketing and promotional needs

In 2020 I completed a qualification in graphic design, much of my
work as a photographer was passing through the hands of graphic designers and I have a strong interest in art so I though it would be a good chance to formalise some of those skills while learning
more about design and improving my employment opportunities

My work has a strong use of contrast and layering to create a sense of depth, I frequently utilising bold colours to catch the viewers eye and attempt to lead their eyes around the image or artwork using leading lines repetition and a variety of other composition techniques

portrait image of chris woe


Phone: 0430 021 966
Email: Info@christopherwoe.com
Sydney , Australia